Friday, February 26, 2010

Maradona Good; Pele Better; George Best

George best, a member of the holy trinity, immortalized at front of the Old Trafford by their statue and more importantly by simply being a legend.When I came to know of the greatness of the man, I wondered how he developed such an amazing name for himself. I am by no means trying to say he was no good, i'd say he was bloody brilliant, but it still does not account for the fact that he is just as famous now as he was when he played. I was intrigued and so went deeper regarding his case. He began playing for his local club Glentoran in Belfast, he was found by the then united scout bob bishop, bishop telegraphed to busby saying,"I think i've found you a genius.", he was exactly that and as they say the rest is history. He was a big match player, the harder the opposition the better he plays, he was 'the winger', runs, close control, crosses and goals(and a lot of them too) generally described his game. But he was an addicted drunkard, so much so that he stole money from a lady's purse to fund the drinks. He was always viewed as a squandered talent, he could have been better than the best(pun intended). The alcoholism got to him and eventually put his career to a staggering halt. It even led to his death as he died of multiple organ failure caused by the intake immuno-suppressants for his kidney transplant. But what makes him still great is his final message to the world,"Don't die like me", a warning caution of effects of alcoholism.In short a compilation of what and who he was..."A true Legend"

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Highlights:Man Utd 5-0 Portsmouth & Liverpool 0-1 Everton

Manchester United 5-0 Portsmouth

Liverpool 0-1 Everton

Monday, February 1, 2010