Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday, January 8, 2010

Everton is Just Unlucky

Ah..Winter Tranfer Window is upon us and what a spring it has been for the toffees, they are down from being considered for a European place to the dirty relegation fighters over the said period. It looks worrying... but mind you the European place though was only put forward based on the assumption that Mikel Arteta and Phil Jagielka will be back in November, however that has not been the case and it looks certain they wont be coming anytime soon this month as well. The Tricky thing is none of the other premier league teams have been their usual self this season and European football is still mathematically possible(wow).Still this is not the end of it, the fact is Everton could still have been in the
better position if not for the terrible timing of the injuries... Everton lost all the games that were suppose to end in victories and now are winning battles from the position of an underdog...

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Peter Pan=Fairy Tale::Ryan Giggs=Football

Little needs to be said about Giggs’ foot, it always had a magic touch. Way back in 91’ when a young welsh kid made his debut only to awe the crowd with his dazzling footwork, sensational control and amazing speed. Nearly 19 years later, the welsh kid still continues to awe everyone with his control and footwork, sure that doesn’t sound very great but at the age of 36 Giggs can be hailed as a freak of nature considering the performances he puts in. Sure he has lost a lot of the pace, but he more than makes up for it with his unbelievable final ball and precision passes. When ronaldo left for Madrid the critics tore United apart with all the questions over how to fill in the gap left by him, well it is a fact the in the two months since the season started United have scored more goals than they did the previous year and the goals have come from all over the field, but my point is in the last half of the season Giggs has 8 assists to his name and one goal as well. But, its not that he is playing amazing football now, he has featured in the premier league team of the season for an unprecedented 8 times since 93’, also the last season the ‘wing wizard’ was chosen into the team of the season as a central midfielder. Which gives an in into how greatly versatile he has turned out to be. Well enough said he is in the twilight of his career and now he has won the bbc sports personality of the year... And so Giggs signs another year extension to spray his magics on his fans for another year(at the least). Here is a compilation of his best moves---->

Back to blinging...

Well i went off for a while... I am sorry about that... What is going on in the Premier league... I'm confused... Not only are manchester united not playing good football... Despite this we are just one point of the leaders as we go into the new year... And well toffees have not had the same luck though with most of their star players still injured and/or have delayed their return... meaning moyes had to field a team with 8 first team players injured for most of the first half of the season. Which clearly reflects on their position in the board now... However the last couple of weeks saw the return of pienaar and yakubu and that billy sure can hit the ball hard...Now for the january signings till now... Donovan signed a temporary loan deal for three months...And Moyes has promised he'd get at least two more loan signings this month... :) And as for Red Devils SAF has said he is going to sign big names. Its sad considering their performance lately but then we are talking about Manchester United and how many times have they proved the doubters wrong... In any case this year is going reallly good for the supporters coz there is gonna be stiff competition for both teams.